PReSafe Technologies GTSC Small Business of the Year

Government Technology & Services Coalition Recognizes Leaders in Homeland & National Security Community 

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Chertoff Group, Dickstein Shapiro, PReSafe Technologies, StrikeForce Consulting, TASC, Inc. recognized

Award winners Jonathan Fantini Porter, ICE; Robert V. Jones, PreSafe Tech; Chad Sweet, The Chertoff Group; Brian Finch, Dickstein Shapiro; John Morton, fmr director ICE; Bill Carroll, StrikeForce; John Hynes, Jr. TASC, Inc.

Washington, D.C., February 6, –The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), the premier organization for small and mid-sized companies in homeland and national security yesterday recognized numerous public and private sector leaders and innovators in homeland and national security at its Annual Awards.      

John Morton, former director, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement and Jonathan Fantini Porter, Chief of Staff, Management & Administration, were awarded Federal Small Business Champions of the Year; Chad Sweet, co-founder and CEO of the Chertoff Groupreceived the Market Maven award; Robert V. Jones, CEO, PreSafe Technologies Small Business Member of the Year; Brian Finch, Dickstein Shapiro for Strategic Partner of the Year; Bill Carroll, Managing Partner StrikeForce Consulting, Strategic Advisor of the Year and TASC, Inc. for Mentor of the year.

“Members of the Coalition believe that the tremendous people and companies working to assure a vibrant, responsive homeland and national security market deserve recognition and reinforcement,” said Kristina Tanasichuk, founder and CEO of the Coalition. “We are proud to work with our Federal partners to provide mechanisms for innovation, closer collaboration and opportunities to mentor and nurture companies in the community to share best practices and provide better solutions. Our awards program recognizes the best of those companies and people.”

Since its inception in 2012, the Coalition has developed a series of awards to recognize some of the unsung heroes working to improve how the public and private sector collaborate, assuring that innovation and efficiencies can find their way into the government and encouraging an environment of mentorship in support of the nation’s critical homeland and national security missions. The most recent addition, “The Mentors” was launched with the critically acclaimed Government Contracting Weekly television program to recognize companies that mentor and contribute to the success of small businesses.

“The Chertoff Group was a founding Strategic Partner of the Coalition because we believe that they champion the type of collaboration that makes the market stronger, improves the efficiency of the Federal market, and ultimately produces better solutions in support of the mission,” said Chad Sweet, recipient of the Market Maven award. “I am excited to accept this prestigious recognition in support of our vision for a robust homeland security market.”  The Market Maven award is presented annually to an exceptional individual who contributes in a concrete and tangible way to the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the homeland and national security market. Proven as a thought leader with a belief in increasing individual opportunity, the power of free enterprise and the nurture of innovation to advance and support the homeland and national security mission.

“Since joining GTSC our company has made tremendous connections, learned to navigate the Federal market and built our capacity to tackle the challenges of being a small business in the field. With GTSC we have developed a strategy and network for success,” said CEO of PReSafe Technologies, Robert V. Jones. “We believe in the mission of homeland and national security. And we support the mission through our focus on cybersecurity and protecting global digital assets. I am both thrilled and humbled to receive this award and I am honored to be part of this critical community.”

“TASC recognizes the vital contribution that mid-size and small-business partnerships play in homeland and national security,” said John P. Hynes Jr., president and CEO of TASC Inc. “In an environment marked by both increasingly complex threats and affordability challenges, mentoring and collaborating with small- and mid-size not only supports their growth, it helps expand the solutions and innovation we bring to the agencies charged with assuring the security of our nation.”The Mentor of the Year award is presented to the company that has worked to increase GTSC members’ understanding of the homeland and national security market, increased business opportunities for small companies through formal and informal mentoring and engages to promote an innovative, robust, fair market for all.

“Our strategic partnership with GTSC has provided critical cyber and government contracting insights to the small business contracting community,” said Brian Finch, partner, Dickstein Shapiro. “We worked on numerous critical homeland and national security challenges throughout the year and encouraged GTSC members to continue their leadership in cyber security, SAFETY Act certification, preparedness and ethics. Together we are building their capacity and providing the tools for these companies to excel in the market.”

“I saw a tremendous need for an organization that recognized the challenges faced by small businesses in the Federal market and the needs of our Federal partners,” said Bill Carroll, Managing Partner, StrikeForce Consulting. “I was drawn to the mission-driven focus of the organization and have worked to develop their membership and resources to assure that the companies working in the Federal space have the resources necessary to support our homeland and national security missions.” The Strategic Advisor of the Year is presented to an individual who works on behalf of GTSC to increase the organization’s capacity, membership and opportunities to bring the innovation, creativity and solutions of small and mid-sized companies to the homeland and national security mission.

The awards, presented at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., are part of GTSC’s programming to build company capacity in support of the homeland and national security mission. GTSC works on behalf of its members with the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, State, Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. For more information on the Government Technology & Services Coalition, please visit
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