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Solution Implementation
PReSafe Consulting Services is a provider of professional services for "Protecting Global Digital Assets" in our clients complex network environments.
Data Center Migration
The application-centric PReSafe Data Center Migration Service helps you manage the risks and complexity of a migration to avoid unplanned downtime, and control your costs and schedule. Our goal is to enable you to maintain the application service levels consistent with your desired objective throughout the migration.
Data Center Standardization
PReSafe Technologies can help you standardize your IT environment, systems management tools, and configurations to improve operational efficiency, reduce complexity and costs, mitigate downtime and enhance the overall security of the interconnected global enterprise.
Network Architecture Services - Life Cycle
PReSafe Technologies provides professional services for the full life cycle of Network Architecture Services as shown in Figure 1, including planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization, and maintains expertise in the most complex network technologies and multi-vendor environments. Areas of expertise include wide and local area networking ("WANs" and/or "LANs"), network
management, network and host security, applied business consulting, performance management, many areas of emerging technology such as optical networking, wireless LANs, and converged voice-data networks, and virtually all commonly used global and local physical and data link technologies and protocols. PReSafe Technologies offers its services on a long or short-term basis in any or all phases of the network life cycle.

  Network Planning   Network Design   Network Implementation
  Network Operation   Network Optimization   Network Management
  Network Security   Local Area Networks   Wide Area Networks
  Network Performance Management
  Project Management Services
Project Management
PReSafe Technologies Project Managers background includes managing and participating in the full range of the project management functions with a specific emphasis on planning and implementation of projects in various industries. PReSafe Technologies Project Managers have a proven track record in analyzing requirements in many technical environments, organizing and coordinating team efforts
and quickly being able to resolve problems. Each PReSafe Technologies Project Manager possesses outstanding interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills and is a goal-oriented, team player that can be counted on to get the job done in a professional manner.

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