We protect global digital assets & provide a full range of IT solutions


Risk Management
PReSafe Consulting Services is a provider of professional services for "Protecting Global Digital Assets" in our clients complex network environments.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business Consulting provides solutions that reach beyond the capabilities of tech-
nology and focus on resources and activities required to promote highly effective
and efficient programs in the planning, design, and implementation of network
infrastructures and operations. Our proven business and networking expertise
uniquely qualifies us to provide services that align business objectives with required
technology solutions, analyze the cost implications of such solutions, and define the operational design needed to support the planned network infrastructure that to enhance business value and services.
IT Service & Continuity Management
PReSafe Technologies Consultants can help your IT organization satisfy service level objectives, increase resiliency and minimize the downtime of applications and data caused by planned or unplanned disruptions.
HIPPA Compliance Assessment
PReSafe Technologies HIPAA Compliance Assessment Service leverages our indus-
try-proven experience in network and information security, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and business consulting. We utilize that experience to provide anobjective evaluation of your network and systems operations and sup-
porting processes along with your established policies and directives in relation to
the HIPAA Privacy and Security regulatory requirements. The controls that are included under these
services are:
Audit Controls
Access Controls
Authorization Controls
Unique User Identification
Payment Card Data Security & PCI Compliance
PReSafe Technologies consultants identify, analyze and help you develop remedia-
tion plans for any non-compliance issues your organization has with the Payment
Card Industry (PCI) security standards in compliance with PCI DSS (Data Security

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